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In my private coaching practice, I work in partnership with my clients to design a life worth living and explore the potential and possibilities that lie outside their comfort zone. Through this process, an emphasis is placed on workplace skills, assessing what careers or job choices will make sense, creating an image that represents them in a more authentic way, speaking to who they are as an individual. Making it possible for the client to come to a better understanding of who they are is paramount in our work together. I believe in urgency, the power of “NOW” and taking charge of your life in order to own your future.


Image Consultant

In today’s social media savvy world, we all strive to look the part and set ourselves apart from the pack. Whether it is in preparation for a job interview, selecting the perfect profile pictures, or going on a date or to a special event, it is always important to select the right look for the right time.  When you feel great in what you are wearing, your confidence is boosted and ultimately all aspects of your life improve. 


I will guide you on this journey by matching your look with who you are and where you are going.  This preparation will help you succeed professionally and socially, and most importantly, you will feel better about yourself knowing you are dressed for success and looking terrific. Others will pick up on that feel-good vibe and it will all be worth the extra effort.  Civita Coaching strives to create a look that represents the best version of you.

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Parent Consultant

Have you always wanted to do something different in your life, but as a parent of a child with a learning difference, that may have seemed impossible. Have you given up on personal goals and engaging in self-care?  As our children reach adulthood it becomes increasingly more difficult to help manage their daily lives as parents. The role of a coach is to support the growth of the individual, but it is also designed to support the parent of that individual. What is meant by that is that when you hire a coach it provides an opportunity to step back and find opportunities to engage in your own life more confidently knowing there is a support system in place. Parent coaching can provide strategies in support of your adult child's specific needs or strategies to support your own growth and development now that your child is on a path to success. As a parent of two children with learning differences, I know how challenging that can be and understand the work that needs to be done to gain control of your own life again.  

"I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do."
- Leonardo da Vinci
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