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Across my career as an educator and coach, I have seen success defined in many ways.  Some people point to wealth, others' fame, and still others to the feeling of being happy, productive and fulfilled.  By supporting people on different journeys, one thing has become clear to me: success is personal. It’s individual. Only the person who is seeking it can define what success looks like.  It’s this level of understanding that I have with my clients that has enabled us to be successful. Fair is not that everyone gets the same thing, fair is that everyone gets what they need.  What do you need to make your life unique and successful? What can we do together to make a change in “your” life?  ​

"Nobody fits in a box"

I was interviewed for The DreamMason Podcast in 2018. Tune in to learn more about my coaching philosophy, turning up the volume of your life, and cultivating a Growth Mindset.


I received a Bachelor’s Degree from Hunter College in Studio Art and Art History and a Master’s Degree in Special Education and General Education from Touro College. When I am not working with people to transform their lives, I enjoy spending quality time with my wife and three children, and when the mood strikes, expressing myself creatively through sculpture and mixed media art. 


My teaching career started as an Art, Science, and one-to-one Focus Instructor at the Winston Preparatory School. I work with a variety of learning styles, with an expertise in executive functioning difficulties and non-verbal learning disabilities. 

I am currently the Director and developer of Winston Transitions (click here for more info), a program that provides an extension to the Winston Preparatory School educational experience, that continues to build academic skills while developing life and work readiness for emerging young adults.

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